Interior Space Planning

Interior Space Planning

Commercial and Corporate Interior Design and Workplace Planning Solution

Enhance Your Office Atmosphere with Eco-Conscious and Cutting-Edge Pre-Owned and New Office Furniture. At the forefront of workspace innovation, we excel in rejuvenating work environments with premium pre-owned and new office furnishings, igniting creativity, fostering teamwork, and promoting collaboration. Our experienced Interior Space Planning experts are dedicated to customizing solutions that perfectly align with your business’s unique needs, crafting layouts that effortlessly marry functionality with inspiration.

We handle every aspect of office space planning, fromconceptual design to the final implementation of furniture, let us help youcreate a workspace that reflects your company’s values, fosters collaboration,and drives productivity, all within the framework of the circular economy.Reach out eLtru by RJV Office Furnishing today and take the first step towardsa more sustainable, efficient, cost-effective and engaging office environment.

What set Eltru Apart?

From ideation to furniture installation, we manage every aspect of office space planning. Partner with us to design a workspace that reflects your company’s values, fosters collaboration, and enhances productivity, all while adhering to the principles of the circular economy. Contact eLtru today to embark on the journey toward a more sustainable, efficient, cost-effective, and inspiring office environment.

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    eLtru by RJV Office Furnishing Interior Space Planning Services

    Initial Consultation

    Kickstart your office transformation with eLtru personalized consultation service.

    Space Planning Ideas

    Our precise planning ensures every inch of your space is utilized efficiently, enhancing work dynamics and aesthetic appeal.

    Hybrid Floor Plans creation

    our plans support a blend of collaborative and private spaces, accommodating evolving work styles to meet the diverse needs of your team.

    Production House Coordination

    Our meticulous selection process guarantees a workspace that’s not only stylish but also embodies your corporate ethos.

    Customization Services

    From unique furniture pieces to brand-centric designs, our team ensures your workspace stands out.

    Fit-Out and Finalization

    Our skilled team executes your design vision with precision, delivering a final product that exceeds expectations and transform your office into a dynamic, inspiring workspace.

    Improve your results by designing a physical space that inspires productivity, facilitates communication, and incorporates your company’s unique culture at every level. We can help you design a space that connects your team and encourages creativity with the help of our office furniture experts. Employees want an office environment that encourages them to try out new ideas. The creation of discrete work zones encourages efficiency in a distanced social environment.

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