10 foolproof tips on choosing a commercial moving company

10 foolproof tips on choosing a commercial moving company

If you are about to embark on an office moving project, you are certainly not the only one. Today, the economy is in the process of bouncing back from the pandemic-induced crisis. At the same time, the Great Resignation is causing over 4 million workers to quit their jobs each month, and the advent of remote work is reshaping office life. While dealing with all these changes, most businesses had to reconfigure their office spaces, rethink work models, and consider downsizing. But, no matter what your company’s current goals are, it all starts with choosing the right commercial office moving service in New York. overwhelmed by the choice? Use the tips below to guide you in the process.

Be Clear On What Moving Services You’ll Need

  1. Not all moving services are created equal.
  2. Before starting to shop around for the best deal, make sure to be clear on your priorities. Are you looking for a long-distance moving company to transfer your office out of state? Or are you relocating to a smaller building a few miles away from your current HQ?
  3. Once you are clear on the type of moving services you need, you can start your search – this might seem like a simple tip, but it can save you more than one headache!

Understand Your Priorities and Complementary Services Needed

If you are looking to outsource your office relocation, you should understand what services you need from your commercial moving service provider. For example, you should check whether they offer packing or specialized transport for fragile or expensive items.

Take Your Time To Verify a Moving Company’s License and Credentials

Not all companies are licensed to provide a full range of transportation services. For example, if you are planning an interstate office move, you will need to check that the company you have chosen is licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and can legally move goods across states or countries.

Ask About Liability Insurance: All Reputable Companies Will Have One!

No matter how high-quality your moving service provider is: accidents can happen. And, they should be aware of it and be prepared to recoup the damages. That is why you can tell if a commercial moving company is reputable by looking at whether they provide liability insurance (i.e.: full or partial value protection plans).

Take Your Time To Check Online Reviews, Testimonials, and Critiques

Before choosing an office liquidation service provider, take your time reviewing their online reviews and testimonials. And, make sure to go beyond the positive ones by evaluating negative comments too! Spending time on Yelp, Google reviews, and other sites like TrustPilot might seem like a waste of effort, but it can truly help you understand what to expect from your provider. Commercial Moving Company in New York

Shop Around For the Best Value For Money

On average, relocating a small-to-medium office space can cost companies between $5,000 and $7,500 – but the project can turn out to be much more expensive with the wrong moving company! Before signing the contract, make sure to compare quotes from different providers and ensure that there are no hidden fees you need to be aware of (i.e.: additional costs for hard-to-access locations).

Ask the Company If They Will Provide You With a Written Contract

Reputable commercial movers know that a contract is necessary to protect their own interests, alongside the ones of the customers. Make sure to check that you will be provided with a written agreement that specifies the terms, services included, costs, liability coverage, and timelines of the project.

Get In Touch With Their Customer Service To Get a Feel of the Company

Before closing a contract with a prospective commercial office moving service in New York, get in touch with their customer service and visit their physical location. This simple step will help you understand what values the company upholds and what you should expect from their communication and service standards. Commercial Moving Company in New Jersey

Higher Prices Don’t Always Mean Higher Quality!

Just like in any other industry, there are premium and more affordable office moving companies to choose from. Make sure to find the right balance between quality and price and stick to your budget.

Don’t Rush Through the Research Phase!

When looking for commercial liquidation services, you should always take your time during the research phase. Building a relationship with a prospective company helps you understand whether they are trustworthy and what kind of services to expect Even more importantly, thorough research can highlight risky red flags, such as a lack of necessary licenses or insurance. Struggling to find the right company for your needs? Get in touch with eLtru to learn more.


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