To Downsize Is Human; To Hire A Liquidator Is Divine

To Downsize Is Human; To Hire A Liquidator Is Divine

Office Furniture liquidators New Jersey, Connecticut, New York

“Downsizing” is a bit of a scary word for any company. But in these unexpected times it always a bad thing?

Let’s say most of your employees are now working from home. Some of them might be forced to due to self-quarantine, but there’s a good chance a lot of your employees actually prefer working from home! In fact, they even have their own home office set up where they’ve been more workaholic than in their cubicle.
Office Furniture liquidators New Jersey
With fewer people coming in on a regular basis, you can “downsize” your space to get rid of respective cubicles. Office Liquidation & Decommissioning can help remove unwanted dividers and furniture to create a more COVID-friendly space. eLtru offers Office Furniture liquidators in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

Maybe there are still 6 months left on your lease and you’re not ready to move to a smaller space just yet. With an adept office furniture liquidator, eltru can help remove all the bunches. Plus, when the time to move does come, it’ll be a far easy transition. “Downsizing” doesn’t have to mean layoffs. It can mean minimizing the size of your office space to accommodate a shift in the company environment.
But let’s say there are layoffs. Maybe you can’t afford to stay in a large space at a choice location, and you’re trying to cut prices on every way possible. Why hire someone to take away your furniture when you could just get rid of it yourself?

Office Furniture liquidation in New Jersey
Office Furniture liquidators connecticut
The reality there is that you risk extra fees from the former landlord. Trying to figure out the logistics of removing a table bigger than your office door without the help of office furniture disposal professionals could lead to unnecessary damage. This naturally leads to added charges; and you have to get rid of it somehow, since leaving it behind would also add additional fees.
So whether downsizing is a positive or ‘-ve’ move for your company, there will inevitably be an office furniture liquidator involved. The transportation of removing and storing office furniture requires more time, money, and resources that you may not be able to afford or even have. Hiring a liquidator will always be the superior option. eLtru offers Office Furniture liquidation in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.


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