Top 10 Tips for Easier Office Furniture Liquidation

Top 10 Tips for Easier Office Furniture Liquidation

Office Furniture Liquidations Do you have old office furniture that is just sitting in your warehouse collecting dust? If so, here are great tips for easy liquidation. It’s not that difficult, and it will help you get rid of all those unused items quickly.

Start The Process Early

First of all, the liquidation process starts early. Before you move into a new office space or complete renovations on an old one, it pays to begin the process of office furniture liquidations.

Prepare A Furniture Inventory Checklist

The first step before liquidating any furniture is preparing an inventory checklist of the items that are up for sale. Make sure to include everything from desks to chairs and any other possessions in good condition. You should also make sure you have a list of the furniture measurements, including the height, width & depth.


Furniture Broker Vs. Furniture Wholesaler

Another consideration is whether or not you should use a furniture broker instead of a wholesaler for the office liquidation.

Set Timelines

You should also set timelines for when you want to complete the office decommissioning process. For instance, you might want to have everything sold by a specific date, or you might want to sell a certain number of items every week.

Research On Selling Rate of Furniture

It’s also essential to research the selling rate for furniture.

Research Factors That Will Affect Cost of Furniture

Other factors that will affect the cost of office furniture is where it’s being sold & what condition it’s in.

Avoid Hand Picks

Avoid handpicks as much as possible. They are more time-consuming and will slow down the liquidation process.

Investigate Costs Involved in Liquidation Process

You will need to investigate costs involved in the liquidation process, like transportation, storage, and any other fees.

Hire A Reputable Liquidation Company

You may know someone who can do the job for you, but reputable research companies and ask for references. hings-You-Cannot-Take-With-You-During-Your-Office-Liquidation

Keep Track of Process

It’s also important to keep track of the company dissolution process. It might also be a good idea to have someone else help manage the process.


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