Best Office storage space solutions in the New York City

Best Office storage space solutions in the New York City

Improve How Your Office Looks And Feels
New York is arguably the official capital of the world. In fact, it is offices are the reason why the city’s skyline is so famous. Skyscrapers in both Midtown and Lower Manhattan are iconic all over the world.

Just like homeowners, office-based firms need storage solutions. Sometimes, it isn’t practical for them to keep all the items they need on-site. It’s costly and generates clutter.

That’s where office storage space solutions from eLtru can help. We have over 50,000 square feet of storage space in NYC dedicated to our clients, plus all the knowledge and resources needed to do it correctly. With an office storage solutions partner, you can make your business more effective and get the most from your current workplace.

How Office Storage Helps Businesses

Office storage solutions help businesses in multiple ways. Here’s how:

Create An Uncluttered Workspace

Clutter in the workspace isn’t just unsightly; it can also harm your productivity. Workers surrounded by the junk in every direction find it harder to organize themselves and may even become distracted.

By contrast, with well-planned storage, you can free up office space. When you remove unnecessary items, you create a calmer, more ordered environment more conducive to work.

Best Office Storage Space Solutions In New York City

Use All Available Floor Space

If you have boxes of items or unused furniture taking up space in your office, it means you’re wasting money. Ideally, your want to maximize the number of workers in any given space, and not have part of your square footage dedicated to unused filing cabinets, boxes, and computer equipment.

Again, our storage solutions can help. With us, you can rent space for your items at a lower cost, and use all the available space at your office.

It Assists With Office Decommissioning

If you need office space decommissioning, we can help with that, too. Our facility is an ideal holding ground for furniture and equipment during office liquidations.

Improve How Your Office Looks And Feels

Lastly, office storage solutions can improve how your office looks and feels. Nobody likes going to work in the morning only to be greeted by a cluttered and disorganized space. It’s bad for staff morale and it can even damage your brand.

Office Storage Helps Businesses

Our storage deals with this problem by removing the clutter that is wrecking your office’s aesthetic, allowing you to build a more pleasant working environment. Clients will notice too, creating a better first impression.

How We Can Help

At eLtru’s, we can help you rescue your office space. Our storage facility is designed for many of the bulk items and office furnishings that wind up impeding your ability to do business. You can store reception area furniture, filing cabinets, office chairs, desk sets, cubicles, and conference tables with us. We also offer services designed to digitize your paper storage so that you no longer have to rely so heavily on filing cabinets.

With our smart packing solutions, eLtru also reduces the square footage that you need to rent, saving you even more money. Our in-house collection professionals pick up, package, and then efficiently store all your items, negating the need for you to organize anything in-house.

To learn more about what we do and get office storage space, get in touch with our team today.


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